Atlanta Garage Door Opener Installation

Are you still getting out of your car day after day to lift your garage door open? Or does your current garage door make a lot of noise going up and down? Or maybe your overhead garage door just doesn’t work anymore or requires repairs. Regardless of why you need or want a new garage door opener, we at Legacy Garage Doors can help you out.

Our highly-skilled, licensed, and insured garage door opener experts install all makes of garage door openers. Our in-house, local garage door opener technicians are unsurpassed in installation success and customer satisfaction. We get the job done accurately the first time and take pride in every garage door opener we install.

You can depend on our garage door opener installers to arrive on time. All you have to do is contact us, ask about our quality garage door installation services, schedule an appointment for an evaluation and inspection of your garage door, choose a garage door opener, and we’ll do the rest. Most of the time, we can install your new garage door opener on the same day you schedule your appointment. So don’t delay, call us today and you won’t have to get out of your car to lift that garage door again.

Atlanta Garage Opener Repairs

Our garage door opener installation services also include:

• Removal of your old garage door opener

• Delivery of your new garage door opener

• Installation

• Haul-away services

• Installation using your existing 110 volt electrical receptacle within four feet of the motor

• Installation of any wireless remote keypads

• Testing of your system

• Clean up

Contact Us For A Free Estimate!

End those frustrating days of garage door opener problems. Call Legacy Garage Doors or contact our Atlanta Garage Door Opener Installation Contractors via email and begin enjoying coming home again. We not only install garage door openers, but we offer garage door opener repair services as well.

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