Atlanta Garage Door Troubleshooting Tips

Everybody wants to avoid having to contact someone to take care of home repairs. And, garage door and garage door opener repairs are no exception. There are several tasks that homeowners can perform on garage door problems that may not require the services of a garage door technician.

These minor problems may be solved with a few practical adjustments on your part. However, before attempting the tasks outlined below, check your garage door thoroughly to see if any parts are obviously damaged. If you find any broken or severely damaged parts, call a technician at our garage door service company for those repairs. Trying to repair certain garage door problems yourself may result in more damage and more costly repairs than are necessary.

Fix Garage Door Problems

Door is locked into place - Check to see if the slide-lock is in the closed position. If it is, move it to the open position. If your door is still not opening and closing, make sure no objects are blocking the tracks.

Door is noisy or jerking - If your garage door is running but seems to not be moving smoothly, you may need to see about replacing worn hardware. Try lubricating the parts with graphite-based or Teflon penetrating spray. Don’t use a WD-40-type lubricant as this will gunk up your parts even more.

Opener doesn’t work - If the motor of your garage door opener is running but the door doesn’t open, check to see that your trolley is engaged. The trolley is the part that slides up and down the opener rail. If the emergency release mechanism (usually a pull-cord) has been engaged, you’ll need to reset it. And if the motor doesn’t come on, try unplugging your unit and re-plug it after about 30 seconds.

Remotes don’t work - If your remote doesn’t engage, but you can open your garage door from the wall unit, you may need new batteries. Replace the battery in your remote and check the battery terminals before purchasing new remotes. And if the malady seems to be intermittent, you may have a radio interference problem.

Safety Eyes - Located on both sides of the tracks of your garage doors, safety eyes can keep your garage door from opening or closing. Check to see if they are clean and unobstructed. Occasionally these are knocked out of place, and you can simply re-position them to correct the problem. Be careful not to over-adjust them though.

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Try these remedies first, and if your garage door continues to malfunction, contact us at Legacy Garage Doors or contact our Atlanta Garage Door Troubleshooting Company to schedule a free estimate of a remedy for your garage door problem.

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Legacy Garage Doors furnished and installed a new commercial door operator and receivers on 4 doors with remotes and a keypad for our warehouse. They did a very good job at a fair price and we were very pleased with their work. Would highly recommend them and would definitely use them again.


Had 2 new steel doors and 2 new openers installed. During the initial meeting options were presented and clearly explained. Installation was very professional and doors were fully tested. On time and on budget. Couldn't be happier with the work. Five stars to Legacy!


These brothers made my garage door replacement an outstanding experience. They did a complicated high lift installation right the first time on time. Excellent service, excellent price, excellent results. Thank you!


I have used Legacy twice now. Once to fix our broken door and then a year later to install on new door completely on the other side of the garage. The service is fast, and pricing is competitive. Thanks for everything Legacy.


I am so glad I called Legacy Garage. They were awesome to work with and when the first company I called for repairs wanted $400 for my broken spring on my garage door, Legacy did the same job with a lifetime warranty for just under $200. I would highly recommend and if need be would certainly use them again as well.


Andrew came out to install a new garage door. I was impressed at how quickly he got the job done. The new door looks beautiful and works like new too, as it should. We were also able to use a $75 off any installation online coupon! Thanks for the excellent service.


I was in a bind yesterday. So one of the backyard tools found it's way to jam my door from opening. Which resulted in the door going out of place. After other analyzing, it turns out this task was not really a DIY job. Called Legacy and they came right out and got the job done in no time!


These guys were really great. My door had issues shutting and they were able to get someone out the same day and repair the door at what i felt was reasonable cost. They also didn't try to create other issues with the door or suggest needless upgrades. Extremely easy to work with and trustworthy. I will use them again the future.


You guys did an amazing job. We loved the work you did to our garage. You guys were so friendly and professional. I will surely recommend you guys to my family and friends. I will definitely keep passing the word around. Thank you guys for the fantastic work.